The importance of checking pockets before donating clothes…

Back in 2013, I made a film with Kieran, where he played Batman and I played Bane. Within the film is a letter Bane leaves for Batman about his dog that he just kidnapped...

Fast forward a couple of years and refugee charities in the Netherlands are urgently collecting clothes/jackets for refugees. I donated the jacket I wore in the film but just before I threw it in the bag, I thought that maybe I should check the pockets. I found a draft of the letter used during filming. I just wonder what a refugee would think if he had found the letter.

It went as follows:

“Your dog did a poo in my garden last Friday. His punishment must be more severe. If you want to see him again, meet me in the forest at noon.

Your neighbour (from number 28),


PS: I borrowed some sugar.”


Moral of this story: Always check pockets before donating clothes.

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